1 year on.

It’s 10pm on a Thursday night back in the UK and I’ve been sat reminiscing through old Taiwanese photos. Hilarious, embarrassing, adorable (if we’re talking about tiny Chinese children or wrinkled old men) and just way too much fun really. 


1 year on life is far more grown up. I’ve just qualified as a teacher in London so now I’m free to take on any kids in any country in the world and take even more hilarious, embarrassing and adorable photos. The PGCE was a rough ride but eventually I came out as ‘outstanding’… read it and weep baby. To be honest, life was far more simple in the TEFL world. There was an abundance of games, songs and the odd writing task. The focus was on how cute and rich the kids were and the ridiculous broken English their parents used. In the new world there’s just a whole load of assessment paperwork piled on top of ability groupings, behaviour management, special needs and disadvantaged, impoverished allowances. If I’m 100% honest with myself, life was so much better (professionally) on the ignorant bliss side. 

I definitely miss the children in TW and the fact I can go out on a Saturday night without heels. I miss my scooter and the freedom that so naturally comes with being 5000 miles away from parents. I miss the sunshine, the beach and the endless supply of iced drinks. 


That being said, there is so much I can do now. I can climb to the top of the educational ladder, I can earn about 20 times the amount I did before, I can handle so many types of children and actually change lessons to suit their individual needs. 

The PGCE has taught me that there is so much more to teaching a group of children then just games and songs. It as given me confidence, money and a passport around the world. 1 year one, I miss TW so much and the amazing times it provided. But year wasted? Definetly not.




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