A dose a day (18th Nov 2013)

As a past PGCE student I would’ve loved to have read a diary of an NQT. As an NQT now I’d love to read the diary of someone in senior management. And I’m sure as senior management I’d love to get inside the mind of a government advisor or local education authority. So, here’s my pledge, whatever my position, I shall for 10 minutes everyday, write a diary. If only so I don’t go insane is reason enough, but actually amongst the general therapy of thinking ones day through, I do think by their very nature human beings are a nosey bunch, and so maybe, this just might come in handy for a PGCE-er or NQT out there somewhere.

Today, 18th November 2013 – assessment was due in. Never done it before. Excel spreadsheets, target grids and a whole load of 2B’s, 2C’s, 3C’s, 1A’s coming out of my ears. They spring it upon you really. SURPRISE! ASSESSMENT PLEASE! I’ve played my NQT card a few times in the past few weeks, not gonna lie. I’ve had to hold my hands up and say “the what is due in?”… “the what spreadsheet?”…. “ok you got me. I just don’t know what the hell you’re talking about”… If any NQT or long-ago qualified person is reading this, I’m sure you’re nodding sympathetically. It’s simply a mindfield.

10 cups of Douwe Egberts and Coffee Mate later, I’ve got the levels on screen and finally, FINALLY, the whole notion of what this job is sinks in. You teach, not just any old skill. No, no my friend. Very specific, pre-written learning objectives that lead to specific level movement. Teach outside these walls (like I have and no doubt many other NQT’s before me have) and BANG! No level movement… hence on paper, no progression and probs… no job in a few months time. I get it now. Teach the objectoves and BANG! Hello progression, hello level movement and well hello there Senior Management.

Basically, the penny dropped today. Assessment had made everything so much clearer. Planning has become easier, generally marking and feedback has become easier and termly levelling will become easier because I get it now.

End of 18th Nov… not only did kids learn a thing or too, think I did as well.


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