A first for everything (19th Nov 2013)

Today….was a sad day. Sophie has had her first exclusion from her class. It sounds far more serious than it is. Although there was a chair going through the air at one point… and a teaching assistant pushed through a doorway. Basically, wonderful child X has been of some concern for a while now. He has random acts of rage for no good reason and displays quite concerning crying tantrums. I was out of class on PPA the whole day today but got the message at lunch time that he had thrown a chair at the wall, not hitting children (thank Goodness) and scared my class quite severely.

I didn’t hesitate to go and let the head know. She gave me straightforward instructions of gathering statements from wonderful child X, the TA involved and a few children who would be able to retell the event. Child X spent the rest of the afternoon outside the headteachers office and has been ‘internally excluded’ from school tomorrow. Which means he’ll come in and spend another 6 hours outside the same office…. What a dramatic turn of events for what should’ve been a nice peaceful, PPA day!

Panic alert! We have a ‘fake ofsted’ next week called Challenge Partners. A local primary school’s senior management team will come in and observe every teacher, they will then grade everybody and then the entire school as a whole. The pressure is mounting up. Teachers are started to feel the 6 days to go…. Watch this space. 


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